Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Faster and the Furiouser

"I don't know which one I am, or if this is the first time I've written this note", the note said. "All I know is that I think someone is following me."

"Yes." Ned said to the note. "I am."

He crumpled it in his hand. "And we've done this before."


I was working hard on the book yesterday... Pounding that thing like a cage wrestler in a death match. Here is a facebook update I posted: 

i'm so excited about my book ideas that i am running around the house shouting and jumping up and down and clapping as it keeps expanding! who has time to write any of this down? i do and i must! i madly dash to the desk and scribble on the back of an insurance quote: chicken scratches serving as harbingers of plot twists, devices, and contagonists. it's a good day in writing when the heavens open and the whole thing just dumps into your mind! [have you] ever had days like this?

At any rate, It was furious work and there were hours of it. The story wasn't being written yet, for most of the plot and such was dumping into my head like a teenager bagging groceries. At one point during the outlining the power went out. Bad news. I hadn't saved in a while.

But that was alright. Power came back on and I rewound the experience and wrote it all out just like I had before, maybe with some improvements.

I've found that when I brainstorm, I do so best on paper, so I had my notes out in front of me doing my plot outline. The good news is, this is a great story. The bad news is, this is supposed to be a short story.

Maybe it will be a novelette or a novella by the time I am done with it, but at any rate, you will be able to read it soon.

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