Friday, May 1, 2015

Book for sale soon!

A Book of Tiny Stories is a collection of tiny stories, short stories, and one novelette that I have been working on for quite a number of years. Some ideas are abandoned full length novels and some are ideas that I've had floating around for years.

Here are a couple of tidbits from my book. I hope you enjoy them.

I will be updating this blog with more information as time goes on.

Day Faith

     At the end of the day as I was walking home, I found a man lying on the ground who had been beaten. His shirt was torn, and his face was bloody and crying. He was pleading at me with big watery eyes, but I was running a little late for my favorite show.  I came to my house, and it appeared that the neighbors cat had been sick earlier, and had left a lovely present for me on my doorstep. As I walked in and threw my keys on the counter, the phone rang. It was Denise. She had been in Detroit for the last couple of days on business, and had decided to give me a ring because she felt obligated. Her call was meaningless. I half-listened to her as she rampaged against the politics of major car corporations, and hung up the phone when I couldn't take it anymore. She immediately called back, but I just sat there watching the phone as it rang, trying to imagine her frustration on the other end of the line. Eventually she must have gotten tired with the whole ordeal, because the phone quit ringing.

     I decided it was time to eat. Going to the freezer, I realized that I had bought nothing in the past month that even closely resembled sustenance. I ate anyway. Frozen biscuits usually taste better cooked... I didn't mind. I plopped into my chair, just in time to catch the credits of my show. Damn Denise. Damn her to Hell.

     Oh well... I stood up and kicked the TV in. Another day. Deciding whether to sleep in my suit or pajamas took up the better part of the next hour, until I determined that my suit just didn't feel good anymore, so I stripped it off in the living room and pushed it into the corner. Ahhh, better.

     I studied myself in the bathroom mirror. The same tired shoulders, the same haggard face, the same graying hair. Depressed once again, I staggering to the bedroom, I coughed up blood and flem into my hand, and wiped it on the wall before I collapsed onto the bed with the grace of a corpse. I lay there, and laid there. All my life seemed to be wrapped up in today.

     I had gone to the doctor again today and he told me that my condition had not improved. As a matter of fact, it had grown worse. Much worse. If I sleep, I die. I haven't slept in fifteen years. I lay in bed and do not sleep. There are approximately twenty two thousand, three hundred and thirty seven dots on my ceiling. I finished counting them last night. I'm done counting my dots. I'm done counting on my luck.

Goodnight. I'm going to sleep.

Commander Yoq 
Chief Security Commander of Squadron One, Inio Alephandri Yoq climbed down to the ground from Recon 5. The Securityship held up to twenty passengers or ten Security robots. Today it was her and the top nine of her Damram.

Her mission: Find out what the hell happened at the Club Elix.

So basically: Capture suspects. Kill renegades. Bring in witnesses. Control the media. Clean up.
In all suspicion, she figured that this would be nothing more than a clean-up. The media had ceased yapping about gangs, it actually scared them to pieces. No one wants to hear about a bunch of crazy kids with guns blowing each other away. Not sponsors anyway. Oh hell, she didn't want to hear about it either. But here she was, and their was work to be done. But it pissed her off all the same.

Those stupid gang members. That's all I need now. First Lo-Ami takes out the Neo-Sushi on live TV, now I have to deal with this! Commander Yoq was New Boston's top officer. She took down the entire Kidd gang by herself. Any cop had a record like that could get whatever they wanted. But all she wanted was to kick some ass... And that was fine with her authorities. However, the cops these days weren't as tough as her. The numbers of actual humans in the COPCORP was dropping with each YER.

She had some problems with that, but it meant that the competition for choosing assignments was slim to none. And that she had no problem with. "Alright boys. Search out the Elix club. I want my two with me. Sgt. Goraw, I want you and the rest of the Damram to search out the ally ways. I'm going to take a look inside."

Sgt. Goraw nodded and with a mechanical voice said. "Move out," Human cops weren't that efficient these days... With all the gangs running around they didn't have enough stamina to catch up with them. But Mobots on the other hand... They were the key to keeping this city in peace; they didn't need to eat or sleep, just repairs and some jizz-juice and they were good to go. Actually she had no idea what it took to run one of those beasts. They ran, and that was enough for her. Let the 'Docs worry about 'em. I'm just here to clean up. She looked at her nails and sighed. She hated getting her nails broken... especially when picking up stupid gangs trash. It would be no problem. She was better. None of the other could compete.

The two Damram units were like her shadows. They were programmed that way. Ernie and Bert. She had named them off of some obscure 2-Vid she had seen many, many years ago. Where she turned... they turned. Whatever (or whoever) she fired at, they would also fire. They were exact mimes of her. That is, until she released them on some preset program stored into their memory. Recon Program 4 Modification D effective now... And so forth... Her green eye blinked and surveyed the dead outside with high band impacting. Her brown eye blinked as her iris focused on the Elix club. The UV picked up no one alive inside. They're all gone. Greeeeaat. Just corpses now. She should probably go check it out. Alright. Here she goes. Hopping upon Bert, they flew into the scene.

  Damram Sgt. Goraw did not have much luck either. He scanned the perimeter and nothing showed in his visuals. "Move out. Nothing confirmed." The six Damram Units with him began to move when Damram Venture spoke.

"Sir! Visual confirmed in sector 67-1! Scan concludes two DNA sigs. One seems to be Feline! Possibly a mutation or something else undetermined. The other has a carbon base, but it seems metalloid, possibly robotic."

Sgt. Goraw flexed his LM-2 Tiger Style Prototype. He might try it out sooner than parameters had anticipated. "Belay first order. Proceed to 67-1. Assault Formation 1-A." The Damram all pulled their Pulse Rifles from out of their arms.  "I will stay here and resume Com with The Commander. Now go!" Six deadly figures took off silently into the night sky, eyes gleaming a dark purple, Projacks glowing a silent red.

Sgt. Goraws Com program clicked on and spoke. "Commander Yoq. We have picked up two DNA sigs." She responded. "Good work Sgt. Goraw. I want them alive and well. Use the Slepurr packs on them. I want to see them sleeping like babies."

"Affirmative and out." Sgt. Goraw opened up her Com to Venture and the other Damram. "Venture, start Capture Program 102, Commander Yoq's orders. I am coming to you as we speak. Do not engage until I arrive." Venture responded. "Affirmative Sgt." Sgt. Goraw's torso seemed to bulge, and something like a third arm came out of his torso. But the thing was mobile, and seemed to move up his head until it covered both head and left shoulder. The Tiger Style Prototype warmed green and blinked. 

"101011100110110001001011010," it beeped. Sgt. Goraw beeped back to it: "Affirmative." His Projack pulsed and he was away.

  She jumped off the Damram and looked around. The faces of the Go gang looked so innocent. Like ordinary girls. Like orphans. Her demeanor changed. Like whores. Like street trash with their pretty outfits. Thinking boys will want them because of their bodies. Thinking they were the queens of the night just because of their technology. Commander Yoq laughed her head off. She used to be a member of this pathetic gang. Perhaps that's why she gave them such an easy time. She could have busted them sooooo many times, but just let them slide. Empathy? Yes, she guessed that's what it was. The Go Girls gave her a chance to break out of the ghetto.

Oh well, that was a lifetime ago. She sent Ernie and Bert to look in the club. She kicked around outside. Too many deaths. Too much pride in their little heads. They thought they were all that. They thought they could rule the world. But that's the problem... Each gang thought the exact same thing. Stupid sluts. I've seen their tags around town. Even on the Elixnode. 'Angels of New Boston.' 'The Princesses.' Yeah right. She kicked the glass away and sighed heavily. It was going to be a long day.

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