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Burgerman lived in Chicago. He was half blind and half deaf from a grenade explosion in Vietnam. He had never enjoyed reading, and had never found anything on the radio worth listening to... but he enjoyed talking to people, and he enjoyed making people smile, and he enjoyed making hamburgers.

He ran his own vending cart in the downtown Chicago area. He sold the best damn hamburgers anyone had ever had the opportunity to bite into. He put up signs saying so too. He was the busiest vendor on the block and he always made money.

Burgerman had paid his sons college tuition with the money he made from hamburger sales. Like I said, He always made money.

His son was home for the holidays, and was helping his dad out with the business, when they began talking about the economy. "Dad, the economy is in the worst shape it's been in years. And things are only looking worse for the future."

Well, He believed his son. His son had been to college. His son knew things that He didn't know. And maybe it was his imagination, but people had looked grumpier recently.

Burgerman took down his signs. He couldn't afford them anyway; and he started using cheaper hamburger. People started to go elsewhere for their hamburgers. Soon there was almost no business at all.

"Son, you are right." Burgerman said, "The economy is in bad shape. Nobody wants to buy hamburgers anymore."

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart


The above is an excerpt from my book, coming out soon. I will be posting here where you can buy the book. Please stay tuned.

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