Monday, June 29, 2015


I recently reached out to many of my closest, most intelligent, and well-read friends and asked them to help me edit the short stories that I am compiling for the book.

Jennifer, Jess, Shelly and Nessly have just now begun the laborious task of helping me fine tune these rough rocks into precious gems and for that I am ever grateful.

It takes a team effort and I am happy to have the best team assembled. I look forward to my new editing partners as we venture forth and complete this book!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Book Cover Idea

I just spent around 100 hours making this design. Tell me what you think.

Embracing the book


I have been working steady on organizing all these short stories that I have punched out over the years and it is looking like I should be ready for a publish before the end of the year. No promises on the actual date... Still a lot left to do and to rework.

But as it stands now, I have:

Eight stories that I am just getting started.
One story that needs a lot of work.
Fourteen stories that need a good ending.
Three that are almost there.
Fourteen that are done.

So after I get them all "Done", then I will edit them. And then I will edit them... And then, guess what? I am going to edit them.

Then I will:

Figure out the best order to arrange them in...

Then I will write my front matter. Introduction, dedication, copyright... Stuff like that...

Then I will design a great cover!


You should have it soon.

In the meantime, you can always read my full length novel or some short poems HERE