Saturday, October 24, 2015


November 27th is the day the book will be live and ready to order.

I am super excited and ready to release "Sometimes I Write Tiny Stories" on to the world.

This project has been a long time coming and I am grateful for everyone's help that chipped in.

It's larger than I expected.

I thought I would get it up to around 40,000 words and call it a day, but I kept finishing off long overdue projects and re-writing sloppy sophomoric attempts.

Now the beast rests heavy at 69,000 words. That's almost double what I intended.

I have already put aside two large stories for a later date.

They were begging to be written and it was hard to say no to them, but I laid them aside for their own novel.

Heck, even the three novelettes I have at the end of this book were screaming out to be expounded upon, and when you read them, you can easily see how it could happen.

Short stories are very difficult to handle.

It's like a minnow.

You know you're fishing, but you catch it and often are disappointed.

We just have to remind ourselves that it takes a lot of anchovie to cover a pizza.

This is a terrible analogy.

Anchovies are hideous.

Nonetheless this book is a quality work and you should buy it.

Buy four of them actually and give them to your friends.

This book is rated PG and should be quite affordable on this coming Black Friday.

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