Sunday, September 27, 2015

formatting today

I have been hard at work formatting the book.

I look at the clock and without counting the brief walk my wife and i had to go get an ice cream, I've been at it for twelve hours.

A good day.

I've moved all of my stories into a word processor in order to do this.

I lost a LOT of formatting along the way.

Paragraphs needed to be redone and all of my italics are gone.

That's alright.

I've got two months to finish.

I'm at 62,860 words and I have yet to write an introduction and an outro.

I just spent five minutes looking up the word: "outroduction" just to be sure.

This is not a word, but Intro and Introduction are.

English... You wastrel.



Ah yes.

Stay tuned.

It's gonna have pizzazz.

That's more Z than a lumberjack.

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