Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tugg and Hezzy return

Tugg and Hezzy return in their own short story in my newest book: Sometimes I Write Tiny Stories. You may remember them as two of the wonderful and heart-warming characters from my full length novel: By the Gates of the Garden of Eden. Well... Maybe they were just there as comic relief, but no matter, here they are again in their own adventure!

Don't forget to keep this blog bookmarked for new updates on the book! It is scheduled to be on sale this Christmas!

Here is a quick tease from the short story.


Down to the Lake

Part One

Tugg and Hezzy were almost to their 75 mile mark at the bai when things took a turn for the worse. It was July in the Congo and it was only 73°F but with the 100% humidity you would have never known it. Working their way through the forest with the camera crew had proved to be the worst thing they had ever agreed to. Slogging behind as usual, getting stuck everywhere, the whole crew was tired and grumpy.

“Jeezmani Crispers!” Hezzy called out to Moise as he almost dropped one of the equipment bags in the water. “Be careful you nimwit!”

“Ce serait bien si vous ne l'auriez pas trouvĂ© un tel endroit stupide pour vous traverser idiot!” Moise shot back at him, glaring.

“Oh idiot am I? Let’s remember who’s the dummy in tha show why don’t we?” He jerked his thumb back at Tugg and gave a sharp laugh.

“C'est suffisant. On est tout aussi stupide que l'autre.” Moise laughed and climbed out of the river. Christian and Emmanuel were next with more equipment and then Tugg, climbing up on the bank, as smooth as a cat.

“What was that all about?” He asked Hezzy.

“Nothing.” Hezzy smiled at Moise, “Mossy called yeh a dummy, but I got yer back pardner.” Moise, Christian and Emmanuel looked around nervously.

“Sure you do.” Tugg smiled. “Allons avant le mannequin tombe.” He said to the men. They all laughed.

“Hey!” Hezzy said, “What’d you say?”

“Hurry up before the dummy falls in.” Tugg said.

It was a joke, maybe.


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