Monday, November 9, 2015

About my book

I feel the need to tell you how wonderful I think this book will be, so I decided to write you a short book report. Usually the western reader is against most short stories, but the ones that I have written are designed in such a way to compliment each other gracefully. 

Most adult readers who pick up my book will be delightfully pleased at the original compilation and publication order. Many of the stories tie in with others that I have written but some are just zany fun. I've found that I like to write a combination of dark tragedy and thrilling humor. It's a fun mix and will keep you spellbound.

Of the twenty eight short stories, three follow a little friend of mine named Koko the Dragon. He's a lovable doofus that just wants to have fun, but he's a dragon too. If you remember Craig Atherton from By the Gates of the Garden of Eden, you may recall that the last time we heard from him, he was stuck at college. He's got a little story in the mix as well. I will write more on him in the future. Such an interesting guy.

There are several stories that deal with outlandish scenarios in strange futures. "Nibblers", "Island at the End of Time", and "Older Twins" are three such stories. I had hoped with these to eventually turn them into novellas, but have not done so yet. Three or four deal with the strange metaphysical aspects that need further exploration. Another set deals with the end of the world.

On the whole, most of my short stories are epical, but I do have one or two lyrical and artifice thrown in for good measure. Technically, I might also want to add that one or two are not short stories at all, but rather flash fiction and vignette in nature. It's a process to be sure, but for the average reader, I will tell you that it reads well.

Whether you are following Kliefel and Orcsnart on their adventures in trying to put out a burning orb workshop or hoping that Sergeant Goraw catches the bad guy, you are sure to get a kick out of it. I've included three longer pieces at the back of the book so you if you have a penchant for the longer story, these three novellas might be right up your alley.

The first of my novellas is a fictitious account of a deceased high school friend of mine. He was a misunderstood guy, a lover of science fiction, and an all-around swell fellow.

The second novella: "Ouesso to Epena" takes us on an adventure with two of our friends from my first novel. Tugg and Hezzy are up to some craziness in the middle of the Congo jungle. They have been hired to survey the land for a possible shipping route. But of course, while they are at it, they will do some independent filming as well. Hilarity and horror ensue.

The third novella is much darker and tells the story of four seemingly unconnected book owners. Each owns a very odd and rare book that is somehow telling the story of one of the other person in the story. Dark by nature and very riveting, it is on par with any "Twilight Zone" episode.

So that's it. Buy my book this coming November 27th. It should be available around midnight or so. A link will be at the top of this blog, but for now, you can go to my amazon page.

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